Clinical Evidence

Use of Curcuminoids in a cohort of patients with oral lichen planus, an autoimmune disease
Phytomedicine 2012; 19(5):418-423
Previous two studies on oral lichen planus (Oral Lichen Planus OLP) showed that dose of Curcuminoids 2000 mg/day was insufficient for the treatment of OLP patients and when increased to 6000 mg/day it proved to be effective in reducing sign and symptoms of OLP.

To summarize long-term open-label use of over the counter (OTC) Curcuminoids i. e. doses, duration and their side effects (including changes in blood count or liver enzymes) in 53 patients with OLP who previously participated in either of the randomized controlled trials of Curcuminoids at UCSF.

Study Design:

A descriptive, retrospective cohort study was planned with 53 patients who earlier participated in either of the randomized clinical trials held at UCSF. Out of 53 patients, 33 patients previously participated in RCT (2003-2004), which evaluated a dose of 2000 mg/day and was ended early for futility. Rest 20 patients previously participated in RCT (2007-2008), which evaluated a dose of 6000 mg/day and also demonstrated the efficacy. The information regarding the consumption of OTC.

Curcuminoids after the RCTs, dose and duration, occurrence of side effects, blood count and liver enzyme test during use of Curcuminoids and patients own description regarding their discomfort level during use of Curcuminoids were noted. Percentages were calculated and means and standard deviations were computed.

Results and Discussion:
  1. Follow-up data was present on 43 participants; 25 (75%) from the first study and 19 (95%) from the second
  2. Eighteen participants (72%) from the first trial took OTC Curcuminoids after completion of the trial period on a mean daily dose of 2137.5 mg (SD=793, range 500-3000 mg) up to mean duration of 30 months (SD=27.5). In mean total follow up time of 68.2 months (SD 5.9); 10 (56%) patients reported that Curcuminoids control the OLP symptoms, 8 (44%) were unsure and 2 (11%) reported side effects
  3. In case of second trial 19 patients (100%) took OTC Curcuminoids up to a mean duration of 9.6 months (SD=8.04) on a mean total daily dose of 5058 mg (SD=1445, range 1000-6000 mg). In mean follow-up time of 15.8 months (SD=4.8); 12 patients (63%) reported that Curcuminoids  controlled OLP symptoms, 2 (11%) reported lack of improvement, 5 (26%) were unsure and 6 (32%) reported side effects

Results of this study showed that the Curcuminoids can help to alleviate the symptoms of OLP, 60% of the patients reported reduction in symptoms when supplemented with Curcuminoids. The only side effects observed at the high dosage were related to abdominal discomfort and diarrhea which were mild.