Improvement of sulphur mustard-induced chronic pruritus, quality of life and antioxidant status by Curcumin: results of a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Br J Nutr. 2012; 108 (7):1272-9.
Sulfur Mustard [Bis (2-chloroethyl) sulphide] or SM has been used as chemical warfare agent for almost 100 years. SM is a compound with potent alkylating, vesicant, blister-forming, cytotoxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic properties... 

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Possible action mechanism for curcumin in pre-cancerous lesions based on serum and salivary markers of oxidative stress.

J Oral Sci. 2010;52(2):251–6.
To test the effect of curcumin in patients with leukoplakia, oral submucous fibrosis and lichen planus by measuring serum and salivary levels of MDA, 8-OHdG and Vitamin C, E before and after curcuminoids administration...

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The Potential role of Curcumin in Patients with Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undefined Significance- its Effect on Paraproteinemia and the urinary N-Telopeptide of type I collagen bone turnover marker.

Clin Cancer Res. 2009; 15(18):5917-22.
To determine the effect of Curcumin on plasma cells and osteoclasts in patients with MGUS...  

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Phase II Trial of Curcumin in Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

Clin Cancer Res. 2008; 14(14):4491-9.
To conduct a Phase II study, to determine the biological activity of oral Curcumin in patients with pancreatic cancer... 

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Curcumin downregulates NF-κB and related genes in patients with multiple myeloma: results of a Phase I/II study.

Blood 2007 110:Abstract1177.
To evaluate the clinical safety and biologic effects of Curcumin in multiple myeloma (MM) patients who had asymptomatic, relapsed/refractory, or plateau phase disease...  

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Combination Treatment With Curcumin and Quercetin of Adenomas in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis.

Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2006; 4:1035–38.
To evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of Curcumin-Quercetin combination to regress intestinal adenomas in subjects suffering from FAP...

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Dose escalation of a Curcuminoid formulation.

BMC Complement Altern Med. 2006; 6:10.
To perform a dose escalation study for determining the maximum tolerated dose, safetyprofile, and resultant serum concentration of a single dose of standardized powdered extract (Curcumin C3 Complex ®) obtained from Alleppey finger turmeric... 

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Phase I Clinical Trial of Oral Curcumin: Biomarkers of Systemic Activity and Compliance.

Clin Cancer Res. 2004; 10(20):6847-54.
To analyze toxicity of high doses of Curcumin administered orally to patients with advanced cancer. To investigate the systemic effects of Curcumin consumption...

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Influence of Piperine on the Pharmacokinetics of Curcumin in Animals and Human Volunteers.

Planta Med. 1998; 64(4):353-6.
Curcuminoids, despite showing excellent activity in inhibiting the expression of inflammatory cytokines and inhibition of free radicals, due to its low bioavailability and rapid transformation...

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