Sabinsa to Highlight Cognitive Health Benefits of Curcumin and Bacopa in Cognitive Health Online Summit on September 2nd

Payson, Utah (August 31, 2015) – Sabinsa Corporation will present the most recent research substantiating the long-known cognitive function and memory benefits of several traditional plants in Ayurveda as part of the NutraIngredients-USA Cognitive Health Summit on September 2, 2015.

The Summit will provide targeted webinars to explore the current market dynamics for brain boosting ingredients and products, with Sabinsa presenting on Curcumin and Bacopa. Sabinsa will discuss the active phytochemicals in these plants and their mechanism of action in slowing down cognitive decline, and look at some of the challenges in the clinical set up to study the improvement of the cognitive skills and memory functions.

This is a timely topic; with the baby boomer generation ageing the trend is toward a longer active working life, so there is a growing need to understand how to maintain cognitive ability and memory function. A human brain has over 20 billion neuron cells, which control every aspect of brain function including motor function, sensory functions, memory and cognitive function. Though some decline in these functions with age is considered normal, it is the accelerated decline in the cognitive abilities and memory loss that is of concern in that they precipitate neurological conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and related cognitive issues.

This online event is a must for dietary supplement and functional food & beverage manufacturers, research scientists, regulators, ingredient suppliers, formulators, marketing directors, business development directors and company chiefs to understand the opportunities in this growing market segment, and the innovations that could drive the next wave of food, beverages and supplements.